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Our Produce

The products section contains links to our vegetable and output per week. We can also supply Chinese Coriander and other oriental produce, please contact us for more information. Imported produce includes pomelo, lotus root, green radish, water chestnut, winter melon, yam bean, arrowroot, arrowhead (for Chinese New Year) and sweet potatoes (purple flesh) for the Chinese ex-pat community.

Choi SumBrassica parachinensisMid March - December6000kg
Pak Choi - whiteBrassica chinensisMid March - December10000kg
Pak Choi - greenBrassica chinensisMid March - December10000kg
Kai ChoiBrassica junceaMid March - December4000kg
Kai Lan - Chinese broccoliBrassica alboglabraMarch - December1000kg
Tong HoChrysanthemum coronariumMid March - December1000kg
Chinese CeleryMid July - December600kg
Chinese SpinachAmaranthus gangeticusMid July - December1400kg
Ong Choi whiteIpomoea aquaticaJune - Mid September1400kg
Ong Choi greenIpomoea aquaticaJune - Mid September1400kg
Lin ChoiAmaranthus tricolorJune - Mid September1000kg
Tropical flat head cabbageJuly - December200kg
Kau Kee200kg
Tait Choi200kg
Chinese LettuceMay - December500kg
CorianderCoriandrum sativumMay - December500kg
Thai BasilPlease contact us.