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Quality & Traceablity


Rokewood Ltd is committed to quality and service 365 days of the year. The growing of a variety of crops allows for wide rotations to improve quality, as well as reducing chemical inputs. Rokewood Ltd works 34 acres of grade one silt soil and prides itself on some of the most talented and motivated growers around.

In brief:
Operate a full traceability system - produce can be traced from seed to final product
Assured Produce accredited
All systems operated are controlled by own HACCP system by a dedicated team
An accredited pest control system is in place.
Packaging in contact with produce is of food grade materials
Most staff are trained in basic food hygiene

We have achieved the following accreditations (last updated August 2020):

Red Tractor Assurance

Rokewood's produce standards are considered to be the industry benchmark, with all UK major supermarkets using these standards as part of their food sourcing and supplier specifications.

Traceability - The Union Jack on the Red Tractor logo confirms that our crops have been produced entirely in the UK, with every step of the produce's journey checked and documented from farm to pack. This means that all Red Tractor Assured foods and drinks can be traced right back through the supply chain to British farms.


Tesco Gold - Red Tractor

Tesco (previously Tesco Nuture) is an exclusive independently accredited scheme to Tesco, it is dedicated to ensuring all fruit and vegetables are grown to environmental and responsible standards.

We're excited to announce that our farm, Rokewood Ltd, had been awarded a Tesco Score of Gold following our recent Red Tractor audit!


M&S - Select Farm Produce Bronze

All M&S Select Farm producers must adhere to current legislative requirements and abide by the UK Red Tractor standard (or equivalent standard outside of the UK). Marks and Spencers have gone beyond these requirements by developing additional criteria that producers must meet to be accepted into M&S Select supply chains.

M&S Select Farms website

Leaf Marque

As a member of the Assured Produce Scheme and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), Rokewood Ltd prides itself on traceability and growing speciality vegetables primarily for the quality retail outlets. Rokewood Ltd are renowned for their unrivalled customer service.